Train Physically and Mentally Before Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Melatih Fisik dan Mental Sebelum Hamil

Some couples, especially the women, are often worried when facing the fact that they are not pregnant yet after some years of marriage. In some cases, these concerns have significant effects on their lives. 

Some of them are stressful, avoiding socialization because they are reluctant to be asked about pregnancy, and so on. In fact, this condition should be handled wisely. As an example, maintaining health condition for pregnancy preparation with physical and mental training.

The Importance of Physical and Mental Training

Pregnancy preparation with exercises both physically and mentally to have a significant impact, is not only for the health of the mother, but also for the sake of her pregnancy later. As we know, pregnancy is not an easy process to go through. There are various things that need to be dealt with. 

To achieve a good pregnancy, a healthy physical condition is absolutely necessary. This is certainly the view on the fact that pregnant women are likely experiencing physical weakening of having to carry a fetus in the womb and take it wherever she goes. In order to be healthy, the stamina and excellent health condition is needed. This situation must be trained before the pregnancy takes place, so the body is in a really good condition when having to ‘struggle’ during pregnancy. 

Meanwhile, mental training is not less important. There will be a wide range of physical and mental challenges which drain the woman when she is pregnant. Emotional / mental stability will greatly affect the fetus. Therefore, pre-pregnancy mental exercise is advisable in order to make Mommy has a strong mental foundation.

Tips on Preparing for Pregnancy

The following pregnancy tips aims at making proper preparation for one of the most amazing period in life as an expectant mother : 

Physical training. Aiming at maintain fitness and health, can be done by exercising regularly every day. Moreover, moving actively or doing the daily routines can be a good physical exercise.  

Maintaining emotional condition. Try to keep the emotion in a stable condition; with lots of laughs, avoid excessive stress, and always try to create a cozy atmosphere regardless the place. 

Nutritionally balanced food consumption. Food consumption is very influential on health, yet can also affect the pregnancy condition. Therefore, set a menu which explores nutritionally balanced meal with carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fat, and other nutrients in a balanced manner. If necessary, consume supplements to increase immune system. 

Avoid consumption of alcohol, drugs, and cigarette smoke. Create a clean and safe environment.

Consult an obstetrician to detect health conditions and the possibility of pregnancy. If needed, a pregnancy program from an obstetrician may be used as a reference.