Predictable Signs of Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Tanda-tanda Kehamilan Yang Dapat Diprediksi

Mommy would be very excited when starting to feel pregnancy signs during the first trimester. But before taking a pregnancy test, Mommy should pay attention to the pregnancy signs indicated by Mommy’s body, so the result may not be disappointing, and not fooled by the existence of ectopic pregnancy. Take time to observe and make sure that Mommy is experiencing more than one pregnancy signs, then Mommy may check it with the test pack or directly to the ob/gyn. 

The first pregnancy sign that mommy could feel is some part of the breast is slightly swollen and feels softer than usual. In the beginning of pregnancy, Mommy’s breasts start to change shape and feel bigger because the mammary glands to produce milk are beginning to form. Mommy’s breasts will also become more sensitive. But according to some experts, this sign commonly occur if Mommy took contraceptive pills prior to the pregnancy. Apart from these signs, the areola area will also become darker during pregnancy. 


The next pregnancy sign is the change in body shape. This is considered predictable since Mommy’s body is being prepared for a nest of a growing new life. The changing body parts are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and chest. These parts will be swelling during pregnancy period, so Mommy will appear bigger, even the size of the belly is still normal. 


Another pregnancy sign is the change in body condition, where pregnant women will get tired easily, so the energy cannot be maximized. This happens because Mommy’s body is actually doing an adjustment. And according to some studies, fatigue and laziness that often felt by pregnant women can also be associated with decreased blood sugar and blood pressure.


Well, this pregnancy sign must have often been heard, morning sickness or nausea which usually often comes after waking up. This condition is due to increased hormone HCG which will cause the pain in the stomach lining. And in particular women, they will also be more sensitive to certain odor, and this will stimulate the nausea.

And the last pregnancy sign is menstruation delay. It is often used as a benchmark whether a woman is pregnant. However, don’t just interpret the menstruation delay as pregnancy signs because this symptom can also occur due to hormonal disorders. 


So Mommy, what kind of pregnancy signs which are happening at the moment? Hopefully the sign really signifies the coming baby.