Healthy Tips for 3rd Trimester Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Sehat Kehamilan Trimester Ke-3

During pregnancy, a woman will experience a variety of challenges and distractions. There are three stages that will be experienced during pregnancy which are usually grouped into three trimesters.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, Mommy’s body is adjusting to the hormonal changes and the preparation to provide protection for the fetus. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus begins to experience the formation of organs, senses, and begins to feel the excitement and thrill. At the end of the second trimester, the fetus is able to move with the routine schedule. Normally he would twitch at night.

At each trimester, there are different challenges that must be passed as well as the third trimester.

Fetal Size Enlargement

There are various healthy pregnancy tips which are useful for Mommy including for third trimester. At this stage, the increasing size of the fetus has resulted in the pressure on the nerves around the uterus. Compared to previous pregnancy stages, this stage makes Mommy feel apparent signs of life more clearly.

Sleeping disorders often occur because the fetus in the womb moves a lot at night. Night time is the active time while the fetus rests in the morning until late afternoon. The enlargement of the size of the fetus often makes the bladder pressed causing problems with urination and groin area feels pain. Mommy’s also feels pain in the back, sometimes accompanied by pain in the pelvic and hip area. This happens because of the weights gain that occurs.

Bleeding sometimes occurs because there is placenta previa slightly grow in the cervix, the placenta is separated from the uterine wall, and is perhaps a more serious problem. This often occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy where premature birth may occur. Bleeding is a sign that the real problem is obliged to be examined.

Light contractions are frequent but there are differences with the contraction prior to giving birth. Contractions during labor process make Mommy’s face turns red and out of breath after contraction. So if Mommy is experiencing contraction like this, contact the obstetrician immediately. Breast enlargement occurs, even some mommy already produced the breast milk in the third trimester. In addition, Mommy often experiences fatigue due to the more severe fetal activity that must be borne by the body. 

Preparing the Child Birth

During the eighth and ninth month of pregnancy, Mommy has to be ready to welcome the birth. While waiting, Mommy needs to stay healthy and fit. Mommy has to wear the special bra for pregnant women which supports the whole breast that has been enlarged so that Mommy will not be too tired.

In dealing with the sleeping disorders, Mommy should add pillow under the thighs, especially during sleeping on the side so that Mommy will feel more comfortable. In addition, the nightgown which Mommy wears should be made of fresh material because at this stage Mommy also feels the heat in the stomach and chest area. This is what needs to be done in addition  to making Mommy’s mental condition stay calm and happy to welcome the baby.