PRENAGEN, Become Top Socially Devoted Brands on Facebook

Written by: Redaksi

PRENAGEN, Menjadi Top Socially Devoted Brands di Facebook

Two-way interaction in social media cannot be merely neglected. Although it only happens in cyberspace, interactive relationship between the two parties in this world can be a great value to the quality of a brand to consumers.

This opportunity is perfectly used by us. As a leading brand in milk products for women who will be pregnant, are experiencing pregnancy, and are in postpartum period, we make the most of social media as a suitable medium for sharing and serving consumer. As a reward, our Facebook Fan Page PRENAGEN World managed to be on the second position of the Top Socially Devoted Facebook Brands in Indonesia according to Socialbakers, a company that provides analytical results for the activity of a brand in a variety of popular social media. This means PRENAGEN has managed to realize a real "intimate relationship" with the customers through good service via social media. This is certainly considered as a great achievement, considering that the category is normally dominated by telecommunication and electronics brands. 

The success of PRENAGEN World as a runner up in the category of Top Socially Devoted Facebook Brands in the third quarter of 2013 was based on an assessment activity of our customer service team in answering and responding to all forms of questions and responses from consumers who joined this fan page. The close interaction which occurs between the brand and consumers are represented by a solid team of customer service, and is used as a reliable benchmark for assessing the performance of a brand, apart from commercial sales levels.

Hopefully the achievement of PRENAGEN World as the Top Socially Devoted Facebook Brands in Indonesia will last, so that we can continue to be a trusted friend for Mommies. Thank you for all Mommies who have always trusted us and shared important moments during pregnancy and breastfeeding with PRENAGEN.