PRENAGEN, Trusted Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Milk on Facebook

Written by: Redaksi

PRENAGEN, Susu Hamil dan Menyusui Terpercaya di Facebook

Interactions that occur in the world of social media are like friendship in the real world. Emotional attachment and passion similarities of pregnancy and lactation period have made the existence of PRENAGEN on Facebook becomes the most trusted and accountable milk brand for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Mothers. 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding is a phase of life that is interesting and challenging. Fortunately, PRENAGEN as a milk brand supporting the pregnancy and breastfeeding, can be a true friend to every woman that will and is experiencing the moment. And our intimate relationship with all Mommies on Facebook Page PRENAGEN World is highly appreciated by our position as Number One of the Top 5 Facebook Brands by Post Engagement Rate in February 2013 according to Socialbakers. 

This term may be less familiar to some people, but Mommy can see this as a sincere trust of all consumers to PRENAGEN. Mommy’s choice for sharing and interacting with each other on the page of PRENAGEN World has assured us that any content that we publish on a regular basis can be useful and interesting to Ibu. It becomes a form of affection that looks small but has great meaning for us, because what Mommy did has made PRENAGEN World as a Facebook page which is attractive and reliable, so it deserves to be on the top position of Top 5 Facebook Brands by Post Engagement Rate. 

How does Facebook assess this? As the largest social media and was created to interact, Facebook made an indicator namely People Talking About This (PTAT). This indicator then summarizes the engagement rate or the level of participation of a Facebook Page with its fans and vice versa from a variety of activities, which are then calculated. The result is then collected and sorted by Socialbakers, an independent company that provides analytical results for brand activity in a variety of popular social media.

It is clear that our achievement to be on the first position of the Top 5 Facebook Brands By Post Engagement Rate would not be achieved without the support and participation of all Mommies who trust PRENAGEN as a true friend for pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Thank you and we hope that we still become Mommy’s true friend for many more years to come.