Benefits of PRENAGEN for Mothers and Children

Written by: Redaksi

Kandungan dan Manfaat PRENAGEN untuk Ibu dan Calon Bayi

Drinking milk is recommended for pregnant women so that the quality and health of the fetus can be constantly maintained. By consuming good milk, such as PRENAGEN, it will increase the chances of delivering a healthy baby. 

PRENAGEN is an effective option to be consumed by Mommy during this period. It contains a number of substances and compounds which are useful for the growth and development of the baby and the fetus. 

Nutrition in PRENAGEN 

In PRENAGEN, the vitamins and minerals are important substances which serve to meet the needs of Mommy’s vitamin and also the unborn child. During pregnancy period, it is relatively easy for Mommy to experience fatigue and weakness. This should be avoided because the weak body could lead to the weakening quality of the fetus. If not addressed well, it may lead to a miscarriage on the baby. This of course should be avoided.

For pregnant women consuming milk rich in vitamin and minerals will meet the energy needs of the mother and fetus to be fit and able to perform the daily activities well. Of course, pregnant Mommies are advised not to move too much at this time.

PRENAGEN is Rich in Vitamins and DHA

Besides rich in vitamins and minerals, PRENAGEN also contains DHA that is very important to strengthen the fetus. Strong fetus make the baby be born perfectly. The fetus will also be healthy to grow inside the womb and immune from the diseases. 

DHA is also important to help the brain development of the fetus during pregnancy. Having a bright child is the desire of all parents, especially Mommy. If Mommy wants to have a bright child, this can be done from now by consuming the milk which has enough DHA substance regularly so that the fetal brain development in the womb will be stronger and improved. 

Furthermore, there are also substances such as folic acid in PRENAGEN. This substance is very important for Mommy because folic acid can reduce and prevent the incidence of birth defects. Many cases of birth defects during pregnancy are because of less consumption of foods containing folic acid so that at the time of delivery, the baby becomes disabled, whether physical or mental. This terrible experience is really undesirable for Mommy. Make sure to meet the need for Folic Acid since the early days of pregnancy.