Preparing the Baby Supplies for Birth

Written by: Redaksi

Daftar Perlengkapan Bayi Baru Lahir yang Perlu Dibeli

36th week is the last week which is the most anticipated moment for Mommy, because this week has been very close to delivery. Feelings became mixed between happiness and also worried about the process of childbirth. Moreover, if this is the birth of the first child. In order to feel calm, it is better for Mommy to prepare things related with child birth long before the delivery process. 

In preparing for childbirth equipment, Mommy can consult a doctor or midwife so no need to bring equipment that has been prepared by the maternity hospital. Generally, mommy can prepare things as follows :

Toiletries such as soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, towels, and maternal sanitary napkins. 

Clothing accessories such as special bra for breastfeeding, a corset, special clothing for breastfeeding mothers (has buttons on the front).

Drugs commonly taken when mommy has a specific disease such as asthma; do not forget to bring an asthma sprayer and other drugs of course in consultation with your doctor first.

Note history of allergy to drugs or food and blood group card if applicable. Tell them completely to the midwife or nurse.

Baby clothes, complete with a blanket in preparation to bring the baby home.

Bring a photocopy of the marriage certificate of civil registration and identity card as taking care of the birth certificate requirement.

All giving birth supplies may be prepared in a bag for practicality and don’t panic because all the supplies are ready to be taken out.