Providing Proper Baby Nutrition

Written by: Redaksi

Memberikan Nutrisi Bayi dengan Tepat

Providing proper nutrition for the baby is mandatory for every parents. Those who want their children to grow and develop properly should be doing this.

One simple step that can be done by Mommy to meet the baby's nutritional intake is to choose breast milk with the best composition. Most modern people prefer the infant formula  for being able to provide the necessary nutrition for the baby.

Indeed, it is not entirely wrong because the materials needed by the baby to develop properly are contained in the infant formula. However, many health experts still recommend breast milk as the best milk for the baby.

Breast milk which is routinely given to infants will also be able to make Mommy establish an emotional interaction with the baby indirectly. This is obvious because as the Mommy will unconsciously give caresses on her child with great affection.

Baby Nutrition for the Age of 6 Months

The provision of baby nutrition through breastfeeding can be done by the Mommy until the baby reaches 6 months of age. At the age of 6 months, the baby can be introduced to complementary foods for breast milk (MP-ASI). The provision of complementary foods should be chosen from the types of good food to be given to the baby in the addressed period.

Good food menu will also help the baby to have a sharp mind and high spirits. Introduction of complementary foods can be done using food ingredients that have been crushed before, so it can be easily digested by the baby, the avocado, papaya and banana.

In general, many Mommies prefer to give banana to the baby because this kind of food is rich in carbohydrates.

The appropriate provision of food portion should also be done by parents to prevent the baby from vomiting. The texture of food that should be provided is a semi-solid food.

This kind of food is usually provided by parents for children who have started teething. Later, portions of food for the baby can be added gradually.

Sweet Foods

In general, many babies prefer to eat sweet foods rather than savory foods. Foods that taste sweet can be obtained from the fruit.

However, many health experts give advice to the parent to give the baby mashed vegetables. If the baby is too often fed sweet foods, it is feared they will not like to eat vegetables if they are already grown up.

Indeed, the taste of the vegetables is not enjoyed by the baby than fruits because vegetable taste is not sweet enough, or even not sweet at all. But this kind of food is very good to be given to your baby. At the time the baby reaches the age of 10 to 12 months, it is time for Mommy to switch to food that has thick and dense textures.