Reasons Why It's Better to Give Birth Normally

Written by: Redaksi

Alasan Mengapa Sebaiknya Melahirkan Normal

After waiting for about nine months of pregnancy, looking forward to the birth of the baby of course be the most important thing for all Mommies. But the general opinion about childbirth process is the normal labor process, either with the assistance of a midwife or an obstetrician. 

In fact, there are many options of childbirth process can be done to bring the baby to the world. This article will discuss at least three types of labor in terms of positive and negative sides.

It is also important for Mommy to know these types of labor to find out which option is the most appropriate one. But of course, it is highly recommended to have the normal labor process. 

 Normal Delivery Vs Caesarean Section

The first type of delivery which is the most common is the normal delivery techniques. This type of delivery is the most recommended and most preferred by women who want to do the labor. The normal childbirth delivery has a positive side, which is not hurting Mommy and the baby. 

Normal childbirth technique is the delivery process in which the baby is delivered vaginally with head out first. There are no tools that are used in the normal labor process. The process is generally conducted in less than 24 hours.

There is almost no negative side of this type of delivery. However, there are three important factors that must be considered, the quality of the mother while pushing, the condition of the fetus, and also the condition of the channel or the birth canal.

Another common type of labor is a Caesarean section. Of course, this type of surgery is not a new thing to all Mommies. The main reason women choose this type of Caesarean section is because there is a problem or obstacle in conducting normal birth operation.

The most frequent problem that triggers the Caesarean section is having difficulties in the normal delivery which can be life-threatening for both mother and baby.

Breech position is also the cause of a Caesarean section. Since this method requires a surgery, a Caesarean section will certainly make the Mother must undergo a long healing process.

Water Birth Process

The next type of labor is water birth process. This type of delivery is still uncommon for some people. However, this kind of process has been conducted by some mothers. 

The benefit of water birth process for the mother is giving less pain during the labor process. While the benefit for the baby is reducing the risk of head bumps during normal delivery process. In fact, there is also a risk that must be considered such as risk of lung disorders in the form of inflammation and difficulty breathing when the baby is born in the water.