Recognizing Risk Factors and Preventing Premature Babies

Written by: Redaksi

Mengenali Faktor Risiko dan Pencegahan Bayi Lahir Prematur

Babies are generally born at about 37 weeks of pregnancy. If the baby is born prematurely or less than 37 weeks, the baby is declared premature. Pre-term birth is not good for the baby, because the baby's organs have not been fully developed, so it will be difficult to adapt well outside the mother's womb. Of course, it has to be avoided wherever possible. But, why can the baby be born prematurely?

Risk Factors

Pre-term birth occurs mostly when the membranes rupture prematurely or also known as premature rupture of membranes (PROM). The exact cause of this condition is still not found because the pregnancy and childbirth are complex processes with so many conflicting matters. 

But there are several factors that can increase the risk of pre-term birth. The risk factors are:

  1. Have had a pre-term birth previously.
  2. Ever had a miscarriage.
  3. Ever had an abortion.
  4. Experiencing the events that lead to physical injury such as a fall or accident.
  5. Pregnancy happens with in-vitro fertilization.
  6. Twin pregnancy.
  7. The distance between pregnancies is very close for example less than six months.
  8. Lack of nutrients.
  9. Smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs.
  10. Infections of the vagina.
  11. Problems in the uterus such as abnormal uterine shape.
  12. Problems with the placenta.
  13. Disease factor such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  14. Events that increase stress as heavy grief or the occurrence of physical violence.
  15. Being overweight or underweight.
  16. Pregnancy at too young age (less than 20 years old) or too old (over 35 years).

Preventive Actions

The prevention of pre-term birth is carried out by avoiding the risk factors of pre-term birth. Some ways that can be done by Mommy are as follows : 

Pregnancy in too young or too old age should be avoided.

Try to provide sufficient distance between pregnancies of more than six months.

During pregnancy, Mommy should consume healthy food which is high in nutrition. Mommy should not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages. 

If Mommy is sick, consult a doctor before taking the drug.

Maintain a normal weight of pregnant women according to gestational age. Do not be afraid to be fat because Mommy will remain beautiful even with a big belly, but Mommy cannot also be too fat.

Try to always be happy and stay away from stress. If Mommy is stressful, try to look for things that can make happy.

Try to always live a healthy life and maintain the environment to stay clean and healthy.

Do not do too much physical activity that can be harmful to the womb

If Mommy can maintain the health condition of herself and the fetus, it will reduce the risk of pre-term birth. Do not forget to visit the doctor regularly and follow all instructions given by the doctor. In addition, do n