References to Seek for Information about Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Mengenal Trimester Kehamilan dan Perkembangan Janinnya

Is Mommy planning a pregnancy, or perhaps going through the pregnancy and looking forward to having labor process in the following days? Of course, the main source of information is the obstetrician or midwife. All the advice of these health professionals may be analogous to the supreme law which must be obeyed in the medical field. Their knowledge is not gained in a short period and also not practiced in vain.

In short, doctors and midwives are experts. Not to mention that all the advice and treatments are the result of research which is proven empirically, so there is no doubt to put doctors and midwives as the best and reliable reference source. While in prenatal classes (pre-pregnancy), which are usually organized by the hospital, Mommy may seek information from the pregnancy instructors. 

References from the Media 

Magazines, tabloids, books, videos, television, or websites on the Internet are media which provide a lot of information about pregnancy. Many magazines and tabloids especially for mothers and children are popular and reliable in the society, especially because of the length of time since the first period of the publishing. Those sources also frequently discuss about the preparation for pregnancy and during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Books are the best reference as long as written by credible authors, especially when it is an obstetrician. Internet can also be a reliable source, because now we can easily find health websites owned and managed by doctors, even hospitals which provide a variety of detailed information about the pre-conception period and pregnancy.

Another alternative is the news portal with actual and factual information which includes the health sector, which also publish articles about pregnancy. Try to also venture into forums or blogs because these media are more interactive because usually thread and blog pages can be an excellent discussion. With this discussion, of course, detailed information can be obtained easily and in a friendly way.

Pregnancy References from Relatives and Acquaintances 

They are trusted and the closest people which may have experienced, could have been parents, especially mothers, in-laws, as well as others. As the saying goes, the best teacher is experience, so that the information obtained could be a reference. All information is certainly closely related to things that must be done before deciding to have children, things that must be done if you want to have children, things that must be maintained and must not be carried out or along the pregnancy, up to preparations before giving birth. The materials covered also include minor but important things such as how to get the twins, how to get girls or boys, and so on.

Sources of information about pregnancy usually give pregnancy tips or guidelines, and detailed guide to do everything related to pregnancy optimally so that there won’t be any wrong steps, and if there is any, it is considered as an improvisation which is necessary.