Risks of Childbirth for Women Over 30 Years of Age

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Risiko Melahirkan bagi Wanita Usia Diatas 30 Tahun

For Mommy who has been married for a long time, the birth of the baby is a dream that has been long-awaited. There are a growing number of couples who get married at the age of thirty years and above for various reasons. If Mommy is now above 30, and plan to become pregnant, Mommy should know about the risks of giving births for women with age.

According to research, women should be pregnant and give birth from the age of 23 to 29. Why is that? In those years, all the organs in women are functioning properly and productively. Women also tend to be still very excited which will make the childbirth process becomes easier. So what are the risks if Mommy gives birth at the age of 30 and above?

Risk for Infants and Mothers

It's a good thing that Mommy is thinking about the risks before planning to get pregnant at that age. Indeed, some of these risks may not occur, but there is still a possibility. The followings are the risks of being pregnant and giving birth at the age of 30 and above :

Firstly, the 30-year-old Mommy will have a greater chance of experiencing complications of preeclampsia, giving birth to babies with extremely low weight, placental complications, pre-term birth, as well as other issues.

Secondly, the 30-year-old pregnant woman will be at risk of miscarriage. According to the research, 20% of the mothers who were pregnant and gave birth over the age of 30 years will have a miscarriage.

Third, Mommy who gave birth at the age of 30 will also have the risk of having a Caesarean section. Because of the possibility of giving C-Section birth, Mommy must prepare the funding in advance. 

Minimizing Risks

Some of the risks above will indeed make Mommy reconsider being pregnant and giving birth. But Mommy should not make it as a fear. Instead, Mommy can still get pregnant and give birth in a normal way if Mommy regularly consult the doctor and perform some health checks. 

In addition, Mommy should also pay attention to the food intake. Make sure that Mommy gets the adequate nutrition so that the baby will be healthy and Mommy will also be able to give birth to the baby in the normal way and in healthy condition. 

Choose a reliable obstetrician. It is recommended to use only one obstetrician so that Mommy will be more focused and also will get the same treatment. Please consult if Mommy also has some congenital diseases such as shortness of breath or diabetes. Mommy should also prepare herself before giving birth by walking or by doing light exercises which will facilitate Mommy to give birth smoothly.