Safe Sports for Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi

Olahraga yang Aman Bagi Ibu Hamil

Pregnant women would be more alert and pay more attention to their own health and the health of the fetus in the womb. The body of pregnant woman is certainly very different from the condition of the body before pregnancy. Considering there is a very fragile fetus in the womb, pregnant women would be much more careful in doing everything including for exercise.

Many pregnant women are reluctant to exercise at all during pregnancy because they thought that the exercise would bring harm to the health of mother and fetus. Even though exercise during pregnancy is necessary, especially to maintain stamina and respiratory system of the pregnant women. 

But, of course, pregnant women need to be more selective in choosing an appropriate and safe sport during pregnancy. In addition, the exercise time is also important. There are several types of exercise that can be done by pregnant women to maintain fitness during pregnancy as well prepare for childbirth.

Walking and Relaxation

Pregnant women certainly need to maintain health of themselves and the developing fetus in her womb. However, there are many pregnant women who have disabilities to perform activities including sports activities away from home. Actually there are tips on healthy pregnancy with sports that can be done at home or around the home. This kind of sport is certainly less expensive when compared to other sports.

One recommended exercise is for pregnant women is leisure walking. Leisure walking is easily done by pregnant women and at the same time very practical and inexpensive. Pregnant women can do leisure walk in the morning or afternoon for no longer than one hour.

During walking, pregnant women can also add light stretching exercises while breathing deeply. If pregnant women cannot do exercise with a lot of movements, pregnant women can do mild form of relaxation in the form of breathing exercises with practice concentration.

Attention to Duration 

In addition to physical exercise above, there are some healthy exercises that can be done by pregnant women. Swimming is a good exercise for pregnant women. Pregnant women can perform this exercise for no more than one hour accompanied by heating and cooling. This exercise can be done 2-3 times a week.

The stationary bike can be done by pregnant women after 16-20 weeks of pregnancy when the placenta has been formed. This exercise should be done gradually from 10 minutes and increasing, but preferably no more than one hour.

The pregnancy exercise which is quite familiar to most pregnant women is pregnancy workouts that can usually be done after the third trimester of pregnancy. Pregnancy workouts are carried out for 30-60 minutes, with the guidance of a certified instructor.