Setting an Intimate Relationship with the Husband to Accelerate Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Cara Merencanakan Hubungan Intim untuk Mempercepat Kehamilan

Does Mommy want to get pregnant? There are many ways that Mommy can try. One is setting up the sexual intercourse with the husband. This has proven to be quite effective for many couples who want to immediately have a baby. Then how to set up an intimate relationship with the husband so that Mommy can get pregnant faster?

There are two things to note if Mommy wants to have sex with the husband. The first thing is to set the time correctly. Do the calculation of the pregnancy or the fertile period more closely. And adjust the timing of sex itself. Do the intercourse with the correct position which can increase the chances of pregnancy. In connection with the first thing, Mommy must learn first to calculate Mommy’s fertility period because in times like these, the ovum in the uterus would be more easily fertilized by sperm during sexual intercourse with the husband.

Calculating the fertilization is actually quite easy. Mommy just needs to mark the fourteen days before the next Mommy’s menstrual experience. Fourteen days prior to menstrual period is regarded as a woman's fertile period, so as to have intercourse at these times, the chances of Mommy getting pregnant will be higher. But if Mommy is not sure about the date of Mommy’s menstrual cycle, the fertile period can be detected by another method. 

Some other methods to determine the fertile period in a woman is through the observation of cervical mucus and basal body temperature. At the time of fertile period, cervical mucus will become more viscous and sticky. Clean white color and usually cannot be separated by hand. So if Mommy finds that, it means that Mommy can be ascertained of having a fertile period.

As for the observation of basal body temperature, what Mommy has to do is to measure Mommy’s body temperature after waking up and before doing anything. The temperature that Mommy gets is basal body temperature which is the normal temperature of a person in a relax state and has not been so affected by the surrounding temperature.

Having intercourse in order to get pregnant is quite troublesome because it is done not only for satisfaction, but also to have a baby. The higher position of Mommy’s pelvis is a great position because the sperm will be more accommodated directly to the uterus. Also try to always relax when having sexual intercourse.