Milk for breastfeeding mothers, is it important?

Written by: Redaksi

Susu untuk Ibu Menyusui, Pentingkah?

Is it important for breastfeeding mothers to drink milk? That question is a question often comes out from new mothers or even mothers who have had several children. As we know, the milk has nutrients that are good for our bodies. However, are these nutrients can be attributed to the quality of breast milk for milk breastfeeding mothers?

Not Only for Breast Milk

If Mommy is providing breastfeeding at the moment, Mommy may have heard the information regarding the needs of consuming milk during breastfeeding period. Most people assume that this is related to the quality and quantity of the breast milk production, and Mommy may also think so. In this case let's look at some reference for the explanation.

Humans are the only living beings who consume milk from mothers of other living beings such as, cattle, goats, horses and other mammals. So let us look whether the mothers of the cows or goats that do not consume milk from other mothers have trouble breastfeeding their children. The answer is certainly not. They can still provide enough milk for their children, which in fact it also applies to Mommy and all breastfeeding mothers.

In fact, all mothers have the ability to meet the needs of her breast milk. So, the consumption of special milk for breastfeeding mothers with the increase of breast milk production itself is not related. Then, what’s the real purpose of the advice that breastfeeding mothers should consume milk? 

Source of Calcium

Referring to the material from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System of nutrition for breastfeeding mothers, it is confirmed true that a breastfeeding mother is encouraged to consume milk for breastfeeding mothers. Mommy is recommended to drink three glasses of milk and eating foods high in calcium.

In this case, it is confirmed that calcium is needed to keep Mommy healthy. In other words, the purpose of milk consumption for breastfeeding mothers aimed to maintain the health of the mother, not for the breast milk. Because if Mommy gets sick, it will affect the quality and quantity of breast milk supply. Based on this recommendation, it is advised to drink milk. So, how if Mommy does not like milk?

The calcium doesn’t affect calcium content in the breast milk. However, calcium is necessary to maintain the health, not only for breastfeeding mothers but also for everyone. 

Mommy’s question about if Mommy doesn’t like to consume milk is actually not a big problem. To ensure sufficient calcium intake without milk, Mommy can consume other foods containing high calcium. There are many options available such as fish, grains and other processed flour, beans, soft bone chicken, green vegetables, tofu, tempeh, and many others.  So, milk is not the only source of calcium to maintain Mommy’s health.