Thank You Mommy, You Are So Special and Always Be (English Version)

Written by: Amicis

Thank You Mommy, You Are So Special and Always Be

Congratulations! From 107 participants, these are 10 participants with the best creations. 

Three winners with the grand prizes :

  • 1st : Dhiva Rianti Thiswaranisa
  • 2nd : Pramono Agung Y.E
  • 3rd : Cindy Aisha Firdiah


and 7 other participants with secondary prizes :

  1. Venny Herman
  2. Windi Widiastuty
  3. Heri Firmansyah
  4. Ari Budiawan
  5. Meyga Kurnia Ikawati
  6. Rina Julianti
  7. Fiona Ayu Kinanti


"Someone would really love his girlfriend, considers his wife is the best, but a mother will always be the eternal love." Classic Irish proverb

Considering so much love and devotion of a mother to everyone, PRENAGEN holds a contest with the theme : Thank You Mommy. 

Express your gratitude to your mother or your gratitude to the mother who gave birth to your children (your wife) by joining the contest : Thank You Mommy. The lucky participants will get prizes to present to your mother or your wife.

Thank You Mommy contest takes place on October 16, 2013 - 16 November 2013 and the announcement of the winners is on 25 November 2013 in

The mechanisms of Thank You Mommy contest : 

  • Express your gratitude to your mother or the mother who gave birth to your children (your wife) in the form of stories or video. Tell a story about her which is so memorable in your life. 
  • The material can be in the form of stories or video. 
  • For an article or poem, it needs to attach a photo telling the story. 
  • Stories must be original, written the participants themselves, have never been published, and have not been included in any other contests. 
  • The participants of “Thank You Mommy" may create and submit more than one story without any limitation. 

Submit the work to : 

       - Email:

       - Mail: Kirana Graha Building, 8th floor

         Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav.88. North Jakarta 14350

         UP. Rully (Digital Marketing Officer)

  • Any material submitted shall include a complete personal data such as: Full Name, Email, current Mobile Number / Telephone Number, and complete address.
  • All materials submitted in this contest will become KALBE’s property and can be published in any media without time limit.
  • The winners will be based on the presentation of and the creativity of the works. 
  • The best work will be chosen as the winners.
  • The winners will be selected by KALBE and are inviolable.
  • The announcement of winners will be set on on November 25, 2013

 The prizes :

  • 1st Winner

      o The work will be displayed in KOMPAS on December 22, 2013

      o Charles & Keith Bag

      o Voucher MAP Rp.500.000, - (non-refundable)

      o T-Shirt

  • 2nd Winner

      o Charles & Keith Wallet

      o Voucher MAP of 300,000, - (non-refundable)

      o T-Shirt

  • 3rd Winner

      o Charles & Keith Wallet

      o Voucher MAP of 200.000, - (non-refundable)

      o T-Shirt

  • 7 other lucky participants will get secondary prizes and T-shirts

Let's make this Mother's Day as the most memorable moments for the loving mother figure with the most sincere expression of gratitude from you. Because, if there is only one person in this world who could love sincerely someone, without limits, and always has the best smile to give, she is a mother who deserves happiness from us.