Benefits and the right way to carry a child

Written by: Redaksi

Manfaat dan Cara Tepat Menggendong Anak

As parents, Mommy should know how to take care of the baby properly. Making mistakes is feared would result in a long-term basis. This article will discuss about the habits of holding a baby. 

Benefits of Holding a Baby 

What exactly is the benefit of holding a baby? The first benefit is to soothe the baby. The baby being held will feel secure. Especially, when sulking, holding the baby is the best way to do. 

The second benefit is to teach the baby how to socialize and have fun with people around. The next benefit is to teach the baby to speak because the holding position can stimulate the baby interaction to learn to speak. 

For Mommy, holding a baby can also give benefits such as doing other activities at the same time with monitor and take care of the baby. 

Tips on Holding a Baby

Although holding a baby may provide many benefits, there are many considerations that should certainly be considered in order to maximize the holding quality. Actually, the most important thing when Mommy is holding a baby is to adjust with the age of the baby. 

The first is the baby is 0 to 3 months of age. Bend Mommy’s body towards the baby who is lying down. Then slip one hand behind his head, especially the neck and use the other hand to support the back and buttocks of the child. This method is very useful to avoid the discomfort of the baby when picked up.

The next age to be considered when holding a baby is around the age of 3 to 6 months. At this age, Mommy must know that the baby prefers to be picked up in a sitting position facing forward. At this age , the baby starts to dislike spending too much time of lying down. 

Entering the age of 5 and 6 months, Mommy should start to consider using a cloth in order to support the body to hold the baby. That is because the baby has started to become heavy to be held only by using hands. Regarding the sling position, Mommy may consider holding with the position of the front part of the belly. 

Next is when the age of the baby is over 6 months. What Mommy needs to know is is about the growth of the bones and muscles which are getting better.

In regard to this, Mommy may be a bit relaxed in paying attention to the quality of the risk of injury. The thing to consider about holding a baby aged 6 months and above is about the most comfortable position preferred by the baby. The holding positions are surely more varied.