The Dangers of Cigarette Smoking and Tips on Quitting Smoking for Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi

Bahaya Rokok dan Tips Meninggalkan Rokok bagi Wanita Hamil

Smoking is a trivial thing for most people, but cigarette has harmful substances, especially for pregnant women. The dangers of smoking for pregnancy are varied. The consequences caused by smoking include:

There are certain chemicals in the cigarette which affect the fetal growth. 

The blood of smokers has a relatively high carbon monoxide content. This will poison and reduce the amount of oxygen carried in the blood. The more amount of carbon monoxide in the blood of the fetus, the lower weight at birth it will have. 

According to a research, smoking mothers give birth to babies who weigh less than non-smoking mother.

Still, according to the study, the chance of pre-term birth is doubled in smoking mothers. 

The risk of miscarriage and stillbirth are also getting bigger (doubled) in smoking mothers. That is because smoking causes a risk of the placenta drops down in the womb.

But smoking mothers don’t need to worry since there are tips to quit your smoking habit : 

  • Start to reduce the number of cigarettes which you consume regularly. 
  • Do useful things such as exercises or jogging.
  • Eat a lot of candies whenever the smoking desire comes up. 
  • Strengthen your will to quit the smoking habit. 
  • Stay away from the society which has many smokers. 
  • Force yourself not to smoke.