The Importance of Weight Management Prior to Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Penting Menjaga Berat Badan Sebelum Hamil

For any married couple, having children will complete the happiness in their marriage life. There are many couples who have planned and prepared for a pregnancy during the early years of the marriage. 

For Mommy who is planning to get pregnant, does Mommy know the importance of maintaining ideal body weight, ranging from before, during, and after pregnancy? It turns out that the weight before pregnancy has a great impact on the post-partum weight. 

There are several factors that can affect the weight before the pregnancy, which can also make women more fertile and strengthen the ovaries to improve its quality.


Many gynecologists stated that the factors supporting both the fertility and quality of ovaries are primarily the lifestyle, as seen as follows:

Consume more fruits and vegetables. These two kinds of sources have a lot of antioxidants that can enrich and improve the quality of the uterus. So, it is advisable to consume the foods rich in antioxidant content. 

Take a multivitamin in order to maintain the stamina and vitamin C so that the body will get good nutrition to strengthen the uterus. 

Do exercises regularly. Ideally, the exercises are performed 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes, and this may help improve reproductive health.

Manage the weight. With excessive weight, body fat and obesity can damage the health of the reproductive hormones and also interfere with pregnancy and the fetus.

Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and excessive dieting or anorexia

Pregnancy Preparation

Pregnancy period is a crucial time both for the wife and the husband. With a healthy pregnancy, the baby will be born healthy. Therefore, it is important to do certain things, such as eating healthy foods in preparation for pregnancy.

Vegetables and fruits become healthy food which must be consumed. Meanwhile, the required drinks are milk and vitamins. Special milk for pregnant preparation may be in the form of cow’s milk or soy milk. Both milk can provide good nutrition for the uterus. 

Pregnant Women are recommended to consume vitamins containing folic acid to help prevent neural defects, calcium to strengthen bones and teeth of the mother and baby, and also iron to help the growth of blood cells and muscles.