The Proper Method to Bath Newborn Baby

Written by: Redaksi

Jangan Asal-asalan, Begini Cara Memandikan Bayi Baru Lahir

Postpartum and having newborns are very happy moments for the couple. Many things need to be prepared, such as baby names, baby hygiene products, and the one thing that should not forget is about to bathe the baby in a proper way.

Of course, as parents, mommy needs to be painstaking and careful in bathing newborn. If mommy is not careful, mommy can harm the baby. Therefore, it is very important for mommy or daddy to know some tips on bathing properly and correctly.

Preparing Bathing Equipment

There are several ways that need to be known on how to bathe a baby. However, before mommy knows further about it, it is good if mommy did not miss some toiletries for bathing the baby.

Supplies should mommy to prepare is:

•Basin of warm water

•Towels and pillows covered with a towel, to put the baby when mommy wipe his body

•Baby bath tub

•Washcloth or bath sponge for baby

•Cotton balls

•Baby diapers

•Baby products such as shampoo, soap, lotion, powder and telon oil.

•Soft brush

Well for mommy, after knowing what needs to be prepared, it is time for mommy to know the exact steps to bathe the baby:

•Before starting, wash mommy’s hands first.

•Open up the baby clothes and place him in a safe and comfortable position.

•Start with the eyes area by cleaning it using damp cotton are different cotton for each eye and start cleaning at the inside of the eye area and then to the outside of the eye area.

•Then wash other parts of the head, face, neck, chest, arms, back, and legs, and some other folds area.

•When soaping the head and the body use a washcloth and baby soap which are not grievous in the eyes.

•Do not forget also to support the shoulders and neck while soaping and rinsing his entire body. Once completed, wrap him with a towel and then wear the shirt and diaper.


Special Treatment for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

In addition to knowing how to bathe the baby properly, mommy must know also how to treat baby's skin that is still very sensitive. The treatment must also be done properly and carefully.

•For baby clothes, always provide and prepare the baby clothes in pristine condition and has been ironed. Put baby clothes in the room that spared from dust.

•If the baby clothes is wet because of bedwetting, breastfeeding, and others, replace it immediately with a new one so that the baby's skin is not irritated.

•Use a clean, dry towel to wipe the baby.

•Use the special baby powder to keep baby's skin sensitivity.

•Do not forget to always wash your hands before touching the baby.