Relationship Between Dental Health and Fetal Development

Written by: Redaksi

Hubungan Kerusakan Gigi Ibu dan Perkembangan Janin

During pregnancy, there are hormonal changes which tend to weaken the teeth and gums causing pregnant women having gingivitis or sensitive gums. Tooth decay in pregnancy can not be neglected because the effect to the fetus is as dangerous as cigarette smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages, in terms of affecting the health of the uterus and fetal development.

Research shows that pregnant women who suffer from severe gum disease can be at risk of pre-term labor or having low weight infant at birth because of bacteria found in dental cavities which may go through the uterus and fallopian tubes.

For preventive measures of tooth decay during pregnancy, Mommy can take care of her teeth. The dental care during pregnancy which needs to be done is as follows : 

Use toothpaste which can make the mouth fresh according to Mommy’s comfort and doesn’t cause nausea. 

Immediately rinse after vomiting so that the rest of gastric acid from the stomach is not left in the mouth and can damage the teeth.

Gargle with mouthwash if the mouth feels less comfortable.

Use dental floss to clean some teeth which are difficult to be cleaned by toothbrush.

Limit the foods with sour and sweet taste because it could potentially damage the teeth.

Consume foods and drinks containing calcium since the tooth development of the fetus is determined from the first trimester