Tips for Managing 2nd Trimester Maternal Symptoms

Written by: Redaksi

Kehamilan Trimester Kedua: Ini yang Perlu Ibu Perhatikan

Pregnancy for each couple is certainly a very happy moment. However, it is undeniable that the moment the pregnancy will also bring concern for many couples because of the activities carried out by the Mommy will have an impact on the health of the fetus in the womb.

Prudence is important during pregnancy, but pregnant women would need to equip themselves with knowledge about the pregnancy itself. Basically, in the medical world, pregnancy period is divided into three phases which include the first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. Each phase has development specification respectively. However, in the third phase of pregnancy, many pregnant women agree that the second trimester of pregnancy phase is the phase of the most enjoyable during pregnancy.

Significant Changes

The second trimester is calculated when started to enter the gestational age of 4 months to six months. As stated earlier, significant changes occur in this phase of pregnancy. Mommy needs to understand more about the second trimester of fetal development and changes that occur in this phase of pregnancy so that Mommy will prepare for anything that might happen to the hormonal changes accompanying this phase.

It is true to say that this pregnancy phase is the phase of pregnancy which is considered to be the most fun, but Mommy will also feel some discomfort, especially at the age of 4 months of pregnancy. A fairly significant change occurs in the Mother's breasts that feels fuller and enlarged by the hormones estrogen and progesterone stimulation so that the mother needs to prepare for a bra with a larger size.

In addition, the belly will grow at a fairly quick rate. Some changes occur in the skin are in the form of darkening of the color of the areola, more sensitive skin, and the appearance of stretch marks. Some discomfort may be experienced as dizziness, discomfort on the teeth and gums, leg cramps, shortness of breath, and others.

Being Aware of Good Posture

There are several things that must be done as a way to maintain the pregnancy in the second trimester. Mommy should not take the goods with bending position of the body so that the fetus in the womb is not pressed. To take the goods which is located extremely low position, women should take a squatting position. Heavy movement must be reduced although pregnant women can still make fun light movement within a limited period. The sudden movement also needs to be avoided because it can be risky to the fetus.

Adequate rest is also one of the pregnancy tips especially in the second trimester of pregnancy because some of Mommy’s organs work harder than usual. In order to boost the breast milk supply, Mommy may start massaging the breasts at this pregnancy phase. With the growing belly, Mommy should start wearing maternity clothes at this stage of pregnancy and avoid using high heels. Body posture including the sleeping position also needs to be concerned. In this phase, pregnant women should eat more often in small portions.