Tips for Choosing the Right Playgroup for Children

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Memilih Playgroup yang Tepat untuk Anak

Education is one of the important things. Children get a lot of useful knowledge to stimulate the development and lessons learned. It would be better, if the education is given as early as possible.

One way is to send children to educational institutions, such as the playgroup. However, Mommy cannot choose the playgroup without any considerations. 

Criteria of Selecting a Playgroup 

The place here means the building and location of the playgroup. A good building is the building which is solid, safe and comfortable. If completed with facilities for indoor rooms such as good ventilation, air conditioning and restrooms, the playgroup is considered appropriate. 

The playgroup location must also be easily accessible. Thus, mommy can save costs for transportation and it would be better if it also offers shuttle services. Therefore, it is important to visit the playgroup and see it directly.

It would be better if Mommy also seek for information about the playgroup on the internet and listen to the opinions of other people and the family about the playgroup. In addition to building facilities, Mommy also needs to consider about the teaching facilities there.

The first is the teachers. This is tips on selecting a playgroup that Mommy wants. Make sure that the playgroup has experienced teachers who are caring, passionate and know about the lessons. Teachers with certain titles would have even been better. 

Cost is also an important thing to consider. Playgroup is actually just a second option and not really the principal. Mommy can send the child directly to the kindergarten if Mommy wants to. 

Therefore, it is recommended that the playgroup cost doesn’t take the portion of the higher education. Mommy needs to adjust the cost with the budget. Interests and talents of the child are also needed to be noted. Select a playgroup which can develop the talents and interests of the child. 

Observing the Curriculum

Why do we discuss the curriculum separately? This is important, because the curriculum applied in the playgroup can prepare the child entering the formal schooling, and even can form a mental condition. 

There are many types of curriculum in the playgroup to be selected, such as school of nature that teaches children to interact with nature, a religion-based curriculum which is very good to form the strong character and moral values on children, and some others. Early education is also expected to prevent children from behaving badly such as being rebellious. 

The curriculum of a playgroup may be considered as the main factor in selecting the child’s education prior to the formal education. Read carefully about this in the brochure or website of the playgroup that Mommy is considering to select. 

In fact, a playgroup could be one of the important education stages for your child. However, the role of parents is very important here. With attention, affection and support of the mother and father of the child, the child will grow up to be good human beings.