Tips for Choosing a Good Baby Name

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Memilih Nama Bayi yang Baik

It is the parents’ roles at childbirth to give a good name to the baby as a gift from God to Mommy and the husband. Remember, the name given is the prayer of parents for a good future. We should be careful in choosing the name by considering the meaning and representation of the name. 

Mommy must ensure that the baby's name chosen is the best for Mommy, family, and certainly for the baby. There are a few tips when choosing a name for the baby, namely:

Do a search for the name long before the baby is born. By having more time to search for the name, then Mommy will get more choices.

Consider the meaning of the baby name. Do not choose a name simply because Mommy likes the name.

For Mommy who has family name, the baby name will be adapted to the surname so it is comfortable to be heard. If Mommy doesn’t have a family name, adding the family name at the back of the baby’s name can be an option. 

Choose a name that is easy to write and easy to pronounce in order to prevent writing errors on the name in the future. 

Choose a name that is not too short and not too long. A name that is too short can lead to confuse the identity if the child has the same name as another person, while names that are too long will lead to difficulties in writing the name on important documents.

If Mommy wants to combine several names after western style combined with local names, consider the suitability of each other names. 

Pick a name according to the gender of the baby. If Mommy hasn’t known the sex of the baby yet, Mommy can choose two names for girl and boy, or choose a name that can be used for both girl and boy such as Ariel or Dian.

Names for Baby Girl 

Names for baby girl represent femininity and softness. Mommy can choose a name which Baby girl name impressive feminine and soft. Mommy can choose a name that is commonly used for girls like Sofia, Tia, Rini, and others. Besides, Mommy could choose a name that means woman from other languages like Annisa derived from Arabic, Hera derived from Greek word meaning queen or Cantika meaning a beautiful woman.

Names for Baby Boy

Names for baby boy represent masculinity and strength. The names commonly used for baby boys are Akbar, Roy, Glen, and others. Some of the names that mean boy are Nanda that derived from Javanese and Pranaja derived from Sanskrit. Mommy can search for a name that is derived from other languages. Mommy can also choose a name that is identical with man such as Aldridge, meaning King in German.