Tips for Choosing Milk for Pregnancy Preparation

Written by: Redaksi

Penyebab Pendarahan saat Hamil Muda dan Cara Menangani

Through this article, a young pregnant Mommy will get important information and certainly useful tips about choosing the right milk for pregnant women. Because the nutritional needs of each trimester are different, Mommy should be good at choosing the right pregnancy dairy products for the fetus is in the womb.

It is indeed very important to support the growth, development, and health of the fetus in the womb. Moreover, if Mommy is just entering the first trimester of pregnancy a.k.a young pregnant age.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the structure of the womb or uterus is still fragile so it is prone to the fetus. In this fairly young age of pregnancy, the fetus also continues to experience growth and development, especially the formation of several vital organs which are very important for the fetus itself. It may call the formation of nerve and brain tissue which occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy.

No wonder if the young pregnant mothers are still very cautious in terms of activity in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy and fetus. Many young pregnant women should not be doing strenuous activities that have risk on decreasing the quality and strength of the uterus. One of anticipation for the uterus and the fetus in the womb at a relatively young age of pregnancy is by consuming the nutrients needed by young pregnant women. Aside from the food such as vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, eggs, and red meat, young pregnant dairy products are also included in the list of nutrients that are very good for the first trimester of pregnancy.

Milk for young pregnant women

Milk for young pregnant women is now widely produced both in Indonesia and in other countries. One of them is PRENAGEN. Therefore, it becomes easier for Mommy to get milk suitable with the needs. They have lot of variants. Milk variants can be seen from the choice of flavors and dairy products that are tailored to gestational age pregnancy milk for the first trimester of pregnancy, the second trimester of pregnancy, and pregnancy milk for the third trimester of pregnancy.

PRENAGEN Esensis: milk before pregnancy

PRENAGEN Esensis could also be an additional nutrition to Mommy who craves for pregnancy. PRENAGEN Esensis often referred as preparation milk for pregnancy which is quite effective as long as Mommy regularly consumes more healthy foods like vegetables, especially sprouts and green beans, fruits such as avocados, carrots, apples, tomatoes, and many other types of fruit.

Do not forget to apply a healthy lifestyle such as exercising regularly, avoid obesity, and avoid smoking, alcohol, and stress. Knowing the fertile period and reactivate the sexual intercourse are a few tips on planning for a pregnancy.