Tips for Choosing the Suitable Soap and Shampoo for Babies

Written by: Redaksi

Penyakit Kulit pada Bayi dan Cara Mengatasinya

The presence of the baby in mommy's life is the happiest thing. It is a thing to look forward to by most married couples. His presence is very important and can make life more colorful and meaningful.

If mommy is planning to bring children into mommy’s life with her husband, then mommy is required to prepare many things for the baby's birth that mommy has been waiting for. There are many and various baby equipment that mommy must prepare well.

Preferably, mommy should not miss some important things in preparing for the baby's presence. Especially when they are born, babies are still very fragile; so, make sure that mommy choose baby products properly.

Preparation to be Made

There are many things that mommy should prepared properly for the baby. The following products should exist to complete the mommy’s baby need:

•Clothing accessories, such as long-sleeved/short shirts, cloth diapers, rubber mat, blankets, wash cloth, etc.

•Toiletries such as bath, soap, shampoo, towels.

•Hygiene products, such as cotton bud, cotton, nail clippers, combs.

•Breastfeeding supplies, such as glass bottles of breast milk storage, cooler bag, breast pump, etc.

•Cosmetic / personal care products, such as telon oil, baby oil, lotion, powder, etc.

•Other products such as aprons, crib, stroller, a dressing closet staple, etc.

Hygiene Supplies

In using baby products, especially hygiene supplies, it is advisable to use the suitable ones for baby skin types, as to maintain the cleanliness of the skin and to prevent the skin irritation.

There are a few tips in bathing the baby, tips on choosing soap and shampoo for babies that can mommy apply, in order to maintain and keep the baby in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the needs that required by the baby

For baby’s hygiene, before mommy maintain the baby hygiene by bathing, it is good for mommy to look for some references about proper bathing, and mommy can also find some brand references of baby hygiene supplies such as shampoo and soap that can complement the baby hygiene.

Sometimes a brand with a high price is not a guarantee that the product is suitable for the baby. The most important thing is those products suitable for mommy and baby's skin and does not cause side effects such as skin irritation or rash on the skin.

Therefore for all mommies as parents, let's take care of the baby with love and in correct manner and take the good suggestions from various sources that mommy can get.