Tips for How to Eliminate Post-Caesar Operation Stretch Marks

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Menghilangkan Stretchmark Pasca Operasi Caesar

When Mommy is pregnant at this time, then it will be one of the happiest things in Mommy’s life. Then, if Mommy chooses the Caesarean section for delivery process, for the recovery after childbirth, there is one problem that needs to be dealing with, which is the scar that looks very clear.

But, do not worry, there are several ways that Mommy can use to resolve this issue. 

Natural Method

There are many natural methods that we can use to remove scars and minimize the risk of scars of Caesarean section delivery process. The first is the massage. With a massage on the stomach where the scar is located, it will help blood circulation in that section.

In addition, this massage is also one of many ways to relax the muscles around the area, so that the regeneration of skin cells will be in maximum condition. With this maximum process, then the process of healing and recovery of the skin where the Caesarean scar is found will also be maximized.

As a result, the skin will be able to recover and eliminate or disguise the Caesarean scar. We can do this massage ourselves or we can get it from the beauty center.

In addition to the massage, there is also a method to use Vitamin E. It can be obtained from eating a lot of foods containing vitamin E, such as nuts, spinach and sunflower seeds, taking supplements of Vitamin E and also use Vitamin E oil.

To use Vitamin E oil, we simply put a small amount of the oil directly on the scar. This oil can decipher collagen which forms the scars, so as time goes by, the scar can heal and recover as usual by itself. We can get this oil from herbal medicine stores; many doctors also recommend this vitamin E oil.

Medical Method

When Mommy wants to use medical method to remove Caesarean scar, Mommy can use some of these tips of give birth without any marks. The first is treatment with chemical peels.

Not as scary as the name implies, this method uses a chemical called Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and also Trochloroacetic Acid (TCA). Basically, this method will burn or eliminate the outermost layer of the skin where Mommy’s Caesar scar is found. The skin will be replaced by new, healthier skin by our bodies.

This method can be obtained from a doctor or mommy can buy a product that Mommy can use from the online store. Make sure when to follow the directions of use when Mommy wants to use it by herself. In addition, plastic surgery has also become one of the methods that can be used to remove scars of this operation.