Tips on Becoming an Alert Partner Before Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Menjadi Pasangan Siaga Menjelang Kehamilan Tiba

It could be said that the husband is the most important person when Mommy is pregnant. For that, a husband also needs to prepare the pregnancy period. Alert husband task is a task that is tricky. It takes more of the husband’s responsibility when Mommy becomes fussier through the early trimesters of pregnancy.

The couple should always be on the Mommy side whenever and wherever Mommy needs a figure of a husband and father to the fetus in the womb. Because, the support of the husband is the only thing Mommy needs especially pregnant women at the end of pregnancy period. But, how to be an alert husband?

For example, at the time before delivery. A husband should immediately prepare a vehicle to be used by mommy to go to the maternity hospital. He will not also forget to check whether a vehicle fuel that will be used to go to a maternity hospital is enough. And do not forget to also ascertain if the vehicle is in top condition. Keep the phone numbers of cab also the thing should not be forgotten as a precaution if the vehicle is having problems.

Alert husband should also remember the Expected Date of Confinement (EDC) if it is possible, so he can notify relatives and neighbors so that when it is near to the labor time they could anticipate to help Mommy faster.

And don’t ever let Mommy experience the labor process alone. If that happens, then the husband could be labeled as a totally irresponsible partner. For that reason, the husband needs to know the Expected Date of Confinement (EDC) in order to take the time or take a leave from the office when the time has come. Definitely, the husband's office will also be pleased to grant permission.

Preparing stuff is also one of preparation for pregnancy. Not only Mommy’s stuff that needs to be prepared but it also the needs of its own partner to accompany Mommy in certain period of time in the hospital after undergoing childbirth process until Mommy is permitted to return home. And if you need to, bring a camera to document the historical moments that Mommy and the husband would experience.

And another thing that an alert husband must do during labor is preparing for hospital administrations; help Mommy gives Early Breastfeeding Initiation and breastfeeding, as well as informing the good news to the friends and families. And do not forget to immediately take care of the baby's birth certificate because the document is very important for the future. Hopefully, with all pregnancy preparations since early pregnancy will make the labor process smooth with no significant problem.