Tips on Identifying the Pregnancy Quickly

Written by: Redaksi

Pantang Dilakukan Saat Mempersiapkan Kehamilan

Pregnancy will make the life of a couple complete. Mommy will have a child who is a jewel at heart. Therefore, it is natural for parents to know the signs of pregnancy quickly in order to prepare everything.

Considering the Physical Condition 

One of the tips on pregnancy preparation to determine whether Mommy is pregnant is by identifying Mommy’s physical changes. The first is by looking at Mommy’s menstrual cycle. When there is a delay or no event of menstruation for several months after the sexual intercourse during the fertile period, so Mommy must be pregnant. 

In addition to the menstrual cycle, Mommy may also notice the body temperature. If the temperature is high for 18 days, then Mommy is certainly pregnant. But, Mommy also needs to see a doctor when Mommy is experiencing these symptoms, so if these symptoms are caused by certain diseases, Mommy will get the necessary treatment immediately. 

Mommy may also pay attention to the breasts, if the breasts look bigger and feel painful and sensitive of touch, especially the nipple part. This is caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Typically, this symptom will disappear after the first trimester, after Mommy’s body is familiar with the hormonal changes. Sudden fatigue may also be interpreted as a pregnancy sign. 

When Mommy feels fatigue all of sudden whereas Mommy didn’t perform any strenuous activities which cause that feeling, this could be due to the increased levels of the hormone progesterone in the body because of the pregnancy. 

In addition, there are also other signs such as nausea or vomiting, known as morning sickness, frequent urination, increased sensitivity of disturbing smells and the last is the occurrence of minor bleeding, which usually occurs after 11 to 12 days after conception. For the minor bleeding, Mommy should see a doctor to confirm that the bleeding is not due to illness but because of the process of extracting the ovum into the uterine wall looking for the breeding place.

Using a Pregnancy Test Tool

Using a pregnancy test tool is one appropriate method to confirm whether Mommy is pregnant or not. There are many types of tools which Mommy may get on the market. However, choose the licensed and certified tools so that the results are accurate. Mommy can use this tool after 6 or 7 days after fertilization.

If there is no positive sign, then Mommy can repeat the test for a few more days. In addition to the above-mentioned pregnancy tips, Mommy can also directly consult an obstetrician. By consulting an obstetrician, Mommy may get more accurate results and if there are some problems, Mommy can handle them immediately and get the treatments as needed.