Tips for Accompanying Children to Watch TV

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Menemani Anak Menonton TV

According to many people, watching television of TV may give bad effects on children. However, that’s not entirely true since there are many benefits from watching TV as well. 

So what are the benefits that the child can get by watching TV? 

Benefits of Watching TV

The first benefit is of course related to how they can get information. Television certainly has a lot of resources that offer education to viewers, especially children.

The second benefit is that the children will be able to divert attention from the negative things out there that give a bad influence. However, Mommy must understand also how to accompany the children in watching TV so that Mommy will get maximum benefits. 

The Importance of Parental Guidance 

Before going through the topic regarding the tips needed to accompany the child while watching TV, Mommy needs to find out the benefits of accompanying the child while watching TV. 

The first benefit is to be able to obtain any information which would be absorbed by the child or for the sake of the child’s education. It is necessary to consider about this matter because the child may get information that is not useful for his development.

Within Mommy’s supervision, of course the information absorbed by the child is only limited to the positive information. The second benefit for Mommy while accompanying the child to watch TV is helping the child obtain information that he has not yet understood. Mommy’s guidance will sure make the child able to obtain and use the information from the TV. 

So what should be considered? The first tips is setting the schedule for watching TV or watching film together. It should be noted that Mommy should set the schedule which does not disturb the child’s studying schedule. 

In general, afternoon time is a great time to accompany Mommy’s child to watch TV. This is certainly because in the evening Mommy will accompany the child to study. 

The next tips that should be considered is the viewing distance of the child while watching TV. Make sure Mommy tell the child to watch TV within the appropriate distance to prevent an adverse effect because watching TV at a distance that is too close or far away may cause problems with the eye sights. 

The age factor also needs to be considered if Mommy wants to accompany the child watching TV. What Mommy should know is the fact that children under 6 years old still find it difficult to differentiate the imagination and fact while watching TV. 

This is when the role of Mommy is necessary to clarify the information. The next tips is a method to recognize the child's interest on certain TV programs. Here Mommy can identify the interests of the child. 

However, don’t let watching TV becomes the only activity for children at home. Playing with a variety of games that stimulate the motor development of children, especially toddlers, is necessary to support the optimal growth and development.