Tips for Quickly Having Children

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Agar Cepat Punya Momongan

Pregnancy is a gift from God Almighty. Pregnancy is the most awaited thing for married couples. However, not all married couples get the gift of pregnancy directly. They need to be patient some time.

Maybe mommy and husband have never experienced fertility problems, but until now mommy does not get pregnant yet. In addition to praying diligently, mommy also needs to plan a pregnancy in order to get pregnant. 

Considering the Time and Position

The followings are some tips that can accelerate the pregnancy that can mommy try with the husband.

First tip is to choose the right time to have intercourse. One of the efforts that must be done to get a baby quickly is to have an intercourse at the right time.

When is an ideal time actually to have sex to get pregnant quickly? The right time is a time where it will be strongly associated with mommy’s fertility / ovulation. Generally, the woman's ovum will reach maturity period on the 14th day after the last menstrual period.

Intercourse position for pregnancy also plays a major role. The most recommended position for couples in order to have a baby is the missionary position.

Missionary sex position is a position where the men rest on the female partner. With this position, the man will most likely penetrate to the maximum so that this position makes the Mr.P close to the ovum. Very close penetration will allow the sperm and ovum easily met.

If it is necessary mommy can add cushion to the mommy’s pelvis when mommy is having sex with the husband so that the cervix will receive and accommodate the husband's sperm.

Nutritious Food Intake

The next tips is to increase fertility. There are several ways to increase fertility. One is with regard to the quality of the food consumed.

Choose organic foods and reduce or even avoid the consumption of junk food and fast food. Junk food and fast food are potentially damaging the fertility of both women and men. Add your intake of foods which is rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables in order to make the process of metabolism and release of toxins in the body smoothly.

Green vegetables and brightly colored fruit allegedly contain high antioxidant and rich in folic acid and iron are certainly very good for reproductive health. Legumes such as peas, green beans, sprouts, etc. are also strongly advised to increase fertility.