Two Keys for Conceiving a Baby Boy

Written by: Redaksi

Dua Kunci untuk Hamil Bayi Laki-Laki

Does mommy and the husband are planning a pregnancy and want a baby boy? Maybe Mommy likes a baby boy because Mommy can train him to be a little champion or he can protect Mommy and become a strong and mighty son. There are still some other reasons why Mommy wants to conceive a baby boy. 

Mommy may have tried some methods but failed. Now there are several ways Mommy may try to increase the chances of giving birth to a little champion. The first is by controlling proper food intake, then considering the right position when having sexual intercourse with the husband.

Sodium and Potassium

There are several types of foods and beverages that may help increase the chances to conceive a baby boy, by improving the Y chromosome. For example, by consuming foods containing sodium and high in potassium, such as bananas, soybeans, and tomatoes which can simultaneously meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy preparation ,

Mommy should also reduce the consumption of foods containing high magnesium and calcium which can increase the X chromosome, chromosome to conceive a baby girl. Then, during pregnancy Mommy should continue to improve nutrition to strengthen the fetus in the womb.

Fertility Period

The sex position is also very important to consider. The position and the right moment can determine the formation of chromosomes determining the sex of a baby. Mommy needs to have sexual intercourse with the husband during the fertility period since the XY sperm will tend to reach the ovum faster. 

Then, Mommy needs to reach the orgasm at the first place, so that the Y chromosome may be longer surviving in the vagina. Also change the level of acidity in the vagina by paying attention to the food consumption. 

Next, the husband needs to have a deep penetration during sexual intercourse because it can facilitate the sperm penetration deeply into the ovary.

Other suggestions that Mommy can do is trying sex position where the husband is on top to facilitate the sperm to move easily and quickly to the ovaries. And try to do the sexual intercourse in the evening and Mommy needs to reach the orgasm before the husband. 

Hopefully these methods can be useful for Mommy and increase the chances of desirable pregnancy.