Unusual Signs of Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Tanda-tanda Kehamilan Yang Tidak Biasa

In addition to the pregnancy signs that are generally used as a basis to determine the woman is pregnant, there are also some pregnancy signs which are considered unusual. In this article we will provide information about the unusual pregnancy signs that frequently occur. Hopefully this can help to detect Mommy’s pregnancy. 

The first pregnancy sign which is difficult to predict is the vision problem. However, the thing to remember is, this sign cannot merely be used as a benchmark if a woman is pregnant. Vision problem usually occurs due to the hormone increase in Mommy’s body, which results in the dryness of the eyes and sometimes makes eyes itchy, especially for Mommy wearing contact lenses. If Mommy is experiencing this sign, it is recommended to limit the working time with the computer. To prevent eye dryness, Mommy can wash the eyes frequently using a special eye solution. 

The second uncommon pregnancy sign is the pain in the breast. In common pregnancy signs, the breasts only feel a bit swollen and sensitive, but this time the breast feels painful. This sign commonly happens in the beginning or even before the end of menstruation period. This is because the nerves are more sensitive and Mommy’s mammary gland is growing fast.

The next sign is thicker hair. Many pregnant women’s hair may appear thicker and shinier. Not only the hear growing on the head, but also the hair growing in most of the body. But don’t worry, the hair will normally fall out by itself after giving birth. 

The last sign is bleeding gums because the blood circulation in pregnant women is faster, while the outer parts such as skin, gums, and blood vessels become thinner and sensitive, so it will be easy to get hurt and eventually bleed. To that end, mommy must maintain oral hygiene and routine check.

In addition to the signs of pregnancy that have been mentioned above, it turns out that pregnant women will also be more careless, because Mommy’s balance will decrease, especially when entering the final trimester. The changing center of body’s mass becomes the reason that the balance of pregnant women can be reduced drastically. This is why pregnant Mommy stumbles frequently. 

Therefore, Mommy needs to walk more carefully if Mommy does not want something happens to the fetus in the womb.