Fertility Test Pack: Know Your Fertility Period Accurately

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Test Pack Kesuburan: Ketahui Masa Subur Secara Akurat

Identifying the right time for the sexual intercourse is one of the very effective ways to get pregnant. Until now, there are many people who think that one of the ways to accelerate the occurrence of pregnancy is to constantly have sexual intercourse.  This is absolutely wrong.

A woman has a fertile period which is also called ovulation. A man will have difficulties to fertilize the ovum if he often experience ejaculation. Therefore, the sexual intercourse need to be maximized when the woman is having an ovulation period. 

Then, how to identify the ovulation period of a woman? 

Effective Ways

There are two simple methods that we can do to find out whether we are in the ovulation period.  The first method is to manually calculate the fertile period using the calendar.

This method is quite effective even though the level of accuracy is very bad. For someone who has a normal menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs in about thirteen days after the last day of menstruation. This course is a general rule that made that calculation in this way is sometimes inaccurate.

If Mommy wants to identify the exact time of ovulation, Mommy can do the second method, by using a fertility test pack.

Choosing a Fertility Test Pack

There are at least two types of test packs available in the market, namely the test pack to determine the fertile period and the test pack to determine pregnancy. Mommy requires both of these test packs to determine whether Mommy is pregnant. Before using them, Mommy should pay attention to the type of the test pack in order not to be unintentionally switched.

One of the fertility test pack products that can be used to accurately determine the fertile period is Fertitest. Mommy can get it easily at pharmacies nearby. When buying, we should check the expiration date stamped so that it can be used effectively.

The best time to do a fertility test with this tool is at about the tenth day after menstruation. If the result is negative, Mommy can repeat it in the next day until the result is positive.

While using it, read carefully about how to use the packs contained in the test pack and perform the test procedures according to the directions of use.  The test can be done in the afternoon or evening.

Once the result is positive, then Mommy can have a sexual intercourse effectively with the husband. Sexual intercourse should still be conducted until a few days later, can be up to four to seven days in a row, to increase the possibility of pregnancy.

Mommy needs to know that a pregnancy can be detected using a pregnancy test pack of at least seven days after conception. Therefore, we should wait until seven days after the last intercourse or when the next menstrual period has not taken place at the regular cycle.