Various Advantages of Normal Childbirth

Written by: Redaksi

Keuntungan Melahirkan Normal untuk Ibu dan Bayi

Some Mommies may have experienced two kinds of childbirth process, namely normal labor and Caesarean section (C-Section). Of course, Mommy who had tasted both still remember the difference. 

Mommy who only had experience of one type of child birth might still have the curiosity to try another type of labor. Some of the Mommies may become tired and chose to have C-Section than the normal birth process because the C-Section can be scheduled accordingly and only requires little amount of time. 

However, Mommy needs to know that normal child birth has more benefits than any Caesarean child birth. The delivery process which has been carried on since long time ago is already proven healthy, safe and natural.

Mommy will be enjoying the stages of the child birth, starting from contraction, the opening, to a peak that is pushing as hard as possible. The stage when the baby is about to be born is the most difficult moment for Mommy, but after the baby is born successfully, Mommy will feel incredible.

More Benefits

With the normal labor process, it is true that Mommy has already become complete as a mother. Because the struggle during the labor process is irreplaceable. In addition to having a challenging and extraordinary experience, the normal labor process has many advantages, among others : 

Mommy and the baby will have a strong relationship interwoven with one another. Not only Mommy who felt it, the baby could also felt the struggle of his Mommy during the labor process. The baby, too, struggled to get out of the uterus, and Mommy also supported him by giving an exceptional push. When the baby is born into the world, then the process of affection that has been established so far is complete by the Early Initiation of Breastfeeding (IMD). When the baby is in the Mommy’s chest, he will feel calm and happy. Of course Mommy would not feel it during C-Section delivery. 

The pain which Mommy felt will disappear as soon as the delivery process is complete. It is very much different with the C-Section delivery when Mommy still feels the pain after days of giving birth. 

Mommy may be able to walk and do routine activities after normal labor directly. Mommy can hold, change the diapers, and even take a shower. Unlike the C-Section delivery which would not allow Mommy to do a lot of activities after the delivery process. 

The healing and recovery process of mental and physical condition will be faster. This will be even better if Mommy is accompanied by loved ones such as parents, in-laws and husband of course.

Normal delivery costs less than C-Section delivery, so it will save more money, right?

For Mommies who are now expecting, just prepare the normal labor process as early as possible. There are plenty of light physical exercises such as running or pregnancy workouts, and also pay more attention to beneficial nutrition intake. Good Luck!