Vitamins and Supplements You Need to Consume as Nutrition for Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi

Vitamin dan Suplemen yang Wajib Dikonsumsi Selama Kehamilan

The easiest way to maintain health is to take vitamins. There are many vitamins and supplements that are important for pregnant women, therefore it is highly recommended for pregnant women to take vitamins completely. By doing so, the nutrition for pregnant women can be fulfilled.

Vitamin needs of pregnant women are twice as much than general. Vitamin B12 that is found in meat and dairy is needed 6 Mcg per day by mommy, because if mommy suffers from vitamin B12 deficiency, fetal nerve can be impaired. Vitamin D is also important for healthy teeth and bones of pregnant women. A good dose of vitamin D for pregnant women is 200-400IU. Other vitamins that good for pregnant women is Vitamin K. Vitamin K can be obtained from milk. But remember not to consume these vitamins in excessive amount because it is very dangerous to health.

In addition to vitamins, pregnant women also need supplements as nutrition for pregnant women. One supplement is folic acid. Folic acid is needed to avoid fetal defects. Take more folic acid three months prior to pregnancy. Folic acid is widely available in green vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Iron nutrition is also important. Such substances exist in the potato, beans, wheat bread, and spinach serve to provide oxygen to the fetus.

Iodine and calcium are also important for the nutrition of pregnant women. Lack of iodine can cause hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone deficiency. Therefore, it is important to add iodine salt to mommy’s food. And calcium is important for bone formation. Hopefully by knowing the vitamin and supplement need to be consumed by pregnant women, mommy’s health during pregnancy can always be maintained.