Waterbirth, a Breakthrough or a New Threat?

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Waterbirth, Terobosan atau Ancaman Baru?

Does Mommy have any ideas about the recently known type of childbirth? Water birth has now become one of the childbirth alternatives which become an option for Mommy currently. 

The delivery process is unique because it is conducted in the water. For Mommy who has experience of the normal labor and Caesarean birth must have already felt the pain of the birth process. If Mommy wants to feel the birth process with less pain, water birth may be an alternative. 


Water birth process often gets doubts from some Mommies who is close to giving birth. Why Not? Many Mommies have doubts whether the safety can be guaranteed when the baby is out of the womb and directly goes into the water. In addition, the cleanliness of the water as the medium of delivery is often questionable regarding the hygiene and sterile level. 

Mommy may hesitate with this birth process. However, Mommy needs to know that the water birth actually has many advantages and it is considered safe. 

Water birth is really suitable for Mommy who cannot stand the pain of childbirth. This alternative is much better than choosing a Caesarean section. In addition to the scar tissue of Caesarean section which does not look beautiful, unnatural child birth also invites a lot of risk.

Here are some of the advantages of the process of water birth:

Mommy will not feel pain like a normal childbirth. This is certainly not without reason. When Mommy goes into warm water that has been provided, then mommy will feel really relaxed. When Mommy feel relaxed then automatically Mommy’s body will secrete the hormone endorphin. This is the hormone that will relieve stress and pain that Mommy feels like a normal childbirth. That’s why water birth is really suitable for Mommy who cannot withstand the pain during labor process. 

The baby coming out of the uterus into the water during water birth is proven safe. Why is that? The baby will go into the water that has certain pressure which consequently will protect the baby’s body compared to normal birth. In addition, Mommy doesn’t need to worry whether the baby can breathe in the water. Because, when the baby is in the womb, he doesn’t breathe and his lungs have not been functioning. If the baby goes into the water and then immediately removed by the medical staff this will be very safe for the baby's respiratory process.

Water birth delivery process can shorten the delivery process.

Three advantages of water birth mentioned above are not really difficult to do. Mommy can do the water birth techniques in the maternity hospital providing this service. Mommy only needs to soak in a pool of warm water when Mommy already got six openings. The medical personnel is ready to give assistance. When the baby is out of the uterus, the baby will be picked up right away by the medical personnel off the water. Mommy will immediately be able to get out of the pool in a healthy state.