Ideal Frequency of Sexual Intercourse to Get Pregnant

Written by: Redaksi

Cari Tahu Frekuensi Hubungan Seks Agar Cepat Hamil

Almost all women who are pregnant for the first time will usually be a little bit anxious and unsure of her pregnancy. Usually Mommy will feel sad or angry at ease. When the pregnancy symptoms start to appear, there are women who are aware of it but some are not aware of the existence of the symptoms. Every woman will experience different signs. Some women experience cravings and some will not experience the difficult early stages of pregnancy. 

Who is the most awaited person as a great companion during early stages of pregnancy? The husband has a very big role for his pregnant wife. There are a few things to consider by the husband. He has an obligation to take care and give attention to his wife from the moment of pregnancy until childbirth. 

5 Responsibilities of a Husband during Pregnancy

As a good husband, you should know what your wife should do while pregnant. All pregnant women will experience a lot of pressure and stress; so try not to make your wife stressful because it will affect the fetus. Here is the role of the husband when the wife is pregnant:

First, the husband should always give attention to his wife. The husband needs to have nice talk with the wife and as well as to touch her. Many women feel sad because they do not feel cared for when she is pregnant.

Second, the husband must train themselves to always be able to become an alert husband (SI-A-GA husband) or ALERT or be ready-transport-guard. Husband can reduce the work in the office and go home early so the wife does not feel neglected because of the work at the office.

Third, the husband has a big role when the wife has begun to experience a variety of symptoms of pregnancy. Husband should be able to maintain the wife's health by always provide the milk and remind the wife to eat and drink regularly.

Fourth, a good husband will always be willing to serve his wife at best. The husband should be more responsive when his wife feels a bit tired or feels pain around the hip. He could provide a little massage. 

Fifth, the husband should always encourage the baby to talk and talk about the baby to the wife. This is a kind of attention which is highly coveted by the wife.

The Best Activities for the Beloved Wife

Many wives feel bored when they need to stay at home alone. As a husband, be responsive and ask the wife to go to several places such as shopping centers and see the unique things which can make the wife feel happy and being cared for. The husband may suggest the wife to start participating in activities for pregnant women, for example pregnancy workouts gymnastics or swimming.

With a variety of activities, the wife is expected of not feeling the pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. If she seems to have more severe symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor in order to get the best advice and solutions.