Appropriate Breastfeeding Positions

Written by: Amicis

Posisi Menyusui yang Baik dan Benar

For Mommy who is expecting childbirth moment, Mommy must have prepared all matters relating to prenatal preparation, such as baby equipment, selecting maternity hospital, as well as preparing the physical and mental condition. But there is one more thing that needs to be prepared before the birth of beloved baby which is not less important, such as the preparation for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is very important for newborns. Breast milk is the main intake for infants. Well, Mommy should not forget the most important thing is for the baby. It's important for Mommy, especially for a first-time mother, to know about how to breastfeed and the proper feeding position. This is to minimize the injury to the baby or mother if they do not implement proper feeding position.

Things to Consider

Breastfeeding position is one of the things that Mommy needs to really consider. In addition to prevent the baby from injury, it is also good for Mommy’s comfort while breastfeeding. When a newborn baby is properly cleansed, the next step is to give the baby to the mother's lap to be warmed and fed.

Well, here are the moments when Mommy needs to put the baby in the proper position during breastfeeding. Mommy should know about this and practice doing it since pregnant and provide breastfeeding for the first time. There are two main breastfeeding positions for Mommy who has just given birth. What are the two positions? Let's look.

Recommended Positions

How to breastfeed a baby, especially a newborn, cannot be done improperly. Mommy is obliged to know how to provide breastfeeding for the baby properly.

The first position is the Cradle position, the position recommending that Mommy’s back are in the upright position, and then put the baby on Mommy’s belly facing the nipple and let the baby skin in contact with Mommy’s skin, and place the baby’s head at Mommy’s elbow. 

The second position is the Lying Down Position. This method is very good for Mommy who cannot sit properly after childbirth, because Mommy is still weak or under the effects of anesthesia (after C-Section). Mommy only needs to lie on the side, let the baby’s tummy stuck with Mommy’s body, and then support the baby’s head and body with a pillow. 

Both of these positions are very helpful for Mommy and the baby, especially when Mommy has just given birth. Mommy is advised to find out various tips for breastfeeding mothers, and also adjust to the conditions of Mommy and the baby.