Correct Steps for Breastfeeding

Written by: Redaksi

Langkah-langkah Menyusui yang Benar

After childbirth, every Mommy wants to give the best exclusive breastfeeding for the baby. Despite its natural character, breastfeeding also has benefits such as antibodies contained in breast milk which allows the baby not susceptible to diseases.

The obstacle for women giving birth for the first time is that they don’t have sufficient information on how to provide proper breastfeeding. The following steps can help Mommy to breastfeed correctly:

Wash hands completely to be free of germs. 

Remove a little amount of breast milk and rub it on the nipple and around the areola; this is done as a disinfectant (germ-free substance) and also to keep the moisture of the nipple. 

The baby is held with one arm, put the baby’s head on Mommy’s curved elbow, then place the baby's buttocks in Mommy’s palms. Put one hand of the baby at Mommy’s back, and the other one at the front. Keep the baby's stomach attached to Mommy’s body with the baby's head facing the breast.

Hold the breast with the position of the thumb is at the upper part of the breast and the other fingers at the below part of the breast; no need to press the nipple or areola.

Give stimulus to the baby to open his mouth, because a newborn baby is not accustomed to drinking the milk. Stimulation can be done by touching the baby's cheek or mouth with the nipple. 

After the baby opens his mouth, place the baby's head near the breast and insert the nipple into the baby's mouth. Try to keep most of the areola inside the baby's mouth.

During the breastfeeding period, Mommy’s health needs to be well-maintained in order to fulfill the nutritional needs of the baby. PRENAGEN lactamom may be an option as Mommy’s additional intake during breastfeeding since it may improve the quality of breast milk with DHA, AHA, choline and Omega which are good for the brain development of the baby.