How to Pump Breast Milk Manually and Safely

Written by: Redaksi

How to Pump Breast Milk Manually and Safely

It has been common knowledge that breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants, much better than the formula. But in modern times, when the economy demands encourage women to work and leave their children, many Mothers eventually chose to use formula. Actually Mommy can continue to provide breast milk to the baby by milking it at work and give it to the baby.

Milking Guide 

The following guide can be followed so that the baby has a chance to consume breast milk at any time even if Mommy is still at work. There are two ways of milking that Mommy can do, namely : 

Using hands. Mommy can do this by herself with proper milking method. Mommy can get a lot of breast milk as reserves. Start by putting your thumb over the nipple and index finger and middle finger at the bottom of the nipple. Without changing the position of the finger, push the breast towards the chest and proceed towards the front like being massaged. Make sure that Mommy doesn’t squeeze the breast and nipple because it won’t work. 

Using a manual pump or an electric pump. The use of either a manual pump or an electric pump is not really advisable because some people have argued that this could damage the breast tissue. But Mommy may provide the pumps as an alternative for milking especially when Mommy’s hands are tired to pump with hands and when Mommy is in a rush. 

After Mommy finishes pumping, store the breast milk in the sealed bottle or special containers for breast milk which are now widely available in the baby shops. Do not forget to label the milk bottle about the date and time of the milking. 

The Rules for Storage and Administration 

As part of the breastfeeding tips, Mommy also needs to know the best way to store the existing breast milk. Make sure that Mommy stored the breast milk in a clean container, not contaminated and closely sealed. 

Pumped breast milk can be stored at room temperature and can last up to 4 hours.

Pumped breast milk stored in the refrigerator can last for approximately one week.

Pumped breast milk stored in the freezer can last for 3 months.

Breast milk to be given to the baby should be warmed beforehand, by inserting a bottle containing breast milk in a container of warm water. Never heat the breast milk in the microwave or on the stove because it will damage the existing nutrient content.

In providing pumped breast milk, make sure that the earlier pumped breast milk is given first to the baby. When the baby doesn’t drink the pumped breast milk all at once, the remaining milk needs to be discarded and cannot be restored in order to maintain the sterile condition and the cleanliness of the milk.