Avoid Pregnancy Disorders : Falling Forward While Being Pregnant

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Hindari Gangguan Kehamilan, Jatuh Tengkurap saat Hamil

Pregnancy can make a woman become vulnerable. This is because mommy carries a fetus in the womb that is still weak. Many pregnancy disorders can harm mommy and fetus. Falling forward is one of them. If this happens, mommy should immediately consult a doctor.

Falling forward is the most dangerous position. It is more dangerous than falling on the back because it will hit the fetus in the first place. Meanwhile, when falling on the back, it is mommy who gets hit first. Falling forward can also cause the placenta detached so the food is no longer supplied to the fetus. If this happens, the fetus cannot grow any further. Doctors will usually ask for a pregnancy termination by abortion. This is one kind of pregnancy disorder that cannot be underestimated.

Here are things to do when mommy falls forward:

  1. After the fall, control your breath. Try to calm down; do not do a lot of move.
  2. Then, observe if there is bleeding. Bleeding can be tran
  3. Feel whether there is water flowing from mommy’s vagina. If so, there are possibilities of rupture of mommy’s membranes. If the waters continue to come out, mommy has to experience preterm labor because the fetus cannot live without amniotic fluid.
  4. Monitor the movement of mommy’s fetus. Fetus usually moves at least once every hour. If there is no movement, mommy should be alert and should immediately go to the hospital. This is to ensure the safety of the fetus through ultrasound.
  5. Feel whether there is a contraction. Contraction is the movement of uterine muscle. Contractions are usually characterized by the hardening of uterine muscle and heartburn. If this happens, mommy has to be alert. It could be the symptoms of labor. Preterm labor can surely be dangerous for mommy and the baby.

If mommy is experiencing signs of pregnancy disorders above, mommy should not be panic. Take action or consult the doctor immediately. Therefore, mommy is expected to always be careful during pregnancy.