Pregnant Again After Miscarriage? Consider These Factors

Written by: Redaksi

Hamil lagi setelah keguguran? Perhatikan hal-hal berikut

When hearing about the miscarriage, Mommy would immediately think it’s nonsensical. Miscarriage is a common problem that is often experienced by pregnant women who maintain her pregnancy less.  It can make the trauma and do not even want to get pregnant again. But Mommy does not have to worry because abortion is not an indication for not able to get pregnant again. All Mommy needs to do is to prepare the next pregnancy at her best.

The first to note is that protecting the environment. Not only the cleanliness of the surrounding, but Mommy must also needs to maintain personal hygiene such as keeping genital organ clean. The objective is to avoid the health problems that can make it difficult to get pregnant. 

Mommy should also apply a healthy diet. Although this is the most common thing, many Mommies is weary and this ultimately becomes a problem to get pregnant again. Good diet is a must.

Next, Mommies must know the importance of relaxation. Perform relaxation regularly to stay fresh. Another benefit of relaxation is to avoid stress. There are plenty of ideas for relaxation including gymnastics or yoga. This exercise is appropriate to obtain perfect comfort after a miscarriage.

Increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse also needs to be done. Do not hesitate to do it intensively since it becomes a major factor to accelerate the pregnancy. But Mommy must also notice to do it when fertile. Give advice to the husband so he is able to understand. The more often the sexual intercourse is done, the better chance of having a pregnancy.