Belly Dance, Popular Sport among Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi

Belly Dance, Olahraga Populer di Kalangan Ibu Hamil

Pregnancy is one of the important moments for each couple. Especially for women who feel a lot of physical changes during pregnancy. Every couple certainly assumes every pregnancy that occurs is so valuable that they would be very careful about everything during pregnancy in order to avoid unwanted things on the mother and fetus in the womb.

Mommy’s health who is pregnant must be given full attention although it is undeniable that sometimes there are some people who behave too much during pregnancy period. Many Mommies are not permitted to engage in activities that drain too much energy including pregnancy workouts. In fact, sport is actually very important to maintain stamina. However, Mommy should do the pregnancy exercises adjusting to the pregnancy condition. There are several types of exercises that can be done by Mommy who are pregnant and one of them is the belly dance.

Pregnancy Belly Dance

Belly dance is not something new to many people, in fact, it is one of the sports which is on the rise among women especially urban women. 

However, belly dance for pregnancy may not sound familiar to many people because most people are more familiar with the type of exercise for pregnant women as pregnancy workouts. Many people imagine that the belly dance movements are more centered on the belly and hip movements which are too hard for pregnant women.

It should be understood that the movement of belly dance for pregnant women has little difference with belly dance movement in general. Belly dance movement can be applied to make this type of pregnancy exercise a more energetic and fun. Given this sport centered on the abdomen and waist, belly dance for pregnant women will help strengthening pelvic and abdominal muscles and improve body posture of pregnant women. Although there are no side effects that will be felt by pregnant women, Mommy should consult the obstetrician first to ensure that she can do belly dance movements.

Benefits for Pregnant Women

This type of exercise is one step of healthy pregnancy tips that can be done by Mommy because this exercise provides some benefits for pregnant women. By doing belly dance exercise, abdominal and back muscles of pregnant women will be strengthened.

In addition, belly dance movements will also help establish a more beautiful body. Arm muscles, chest, abdomen, and pelvis will also be tighter by doing this sport. Belly dance also provides a relaxing effect on the abdominal muscles and hips so the labor process will be much smoother. Respiratory system will also be well managed so that the labor process will be better. Artistic and feminine movements in belly dance will help Mommy increase confidence so that Mommy could enjoy the pregnancy process.