Do Early Pregnancy Symptoms Subside in Trimester 2?

Written by: Redaksi

Dapatkah Keluhan Awal Kehamilan Reda Memasuki Trimester 2 ?

After knowing that Mommy is pregnant, reassure that this pregnancy is something which is really joyful. Besides many symptoms that may arise, always provide little pleasures for Mommy. Every pregnancy certainly has a different symptom for every mommy. The symptoms can be initiated from mild to severe symptoms. Each level must be addressed properly so that the pregnancy is always in good condition until the childbirth.

If this is the first pregnancy, Mommy should find more info about the pregnancy so that Mommy could undergo everything well. Here are some things that Mommy may feel during the first trimester of pregnancy and some ways to deal with the pregnancy symptoms.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Morning sickness or vomiting in the morning is commonly experienced by all women who are pregnant. Morning sickness is caused by hormonal changes that arise during pregnancy. This pregnancy symptom can even be triggered by the smallest things like the smell of certain foods or dishes. Although this morning sickness will be decreasing, this situation still needs to be watched for. This is because morning sickness can reduce the nutrition of mother and the baby. 

Some ways that Mommy can do is by eating small portion of meals frequently, avoiding foods that contain fat, sour or spicy, and consuming foods containing carbohydrates and protein.

Leukorrhea (white discharge) is also one of the symptoms experienced by pregnant women like Mommy. This liquid is white, thin and odorless. This type of vaginal discharge is still considered normal. If the liquid has colors, unpleasant odor, and irritation, Mommy should immediately consult a doctor. Here are some ways to deal with this condition: maintain cleanliness and moisture around the vaginal area, do not wear tight underwear, and change panties as often as possible.

Dealing with Constipation

Bowel obstruction or constipation is a common problem experienced by pregnant women because of increased hormone progesterone. This hormone turned out to flex muscles in the uterus which also affects the flexibility of the muscles in the colon wall. In pregnancy, this situation is beneficial for the absorption of nutrition by the fetus. 

Certain ways that Mommy can do to relieve constipation are by drinking lots of water, increasing the consumption of fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruit, and doing regular exercise such as walking or jogging.

Mommy will resolve all symptoms in early pregnancy well if Mommy has a lot of proper information of a healthy pregnancy. Selecting the method to deal with early pregnancy symptoms wisely will prevent Mommy from getting more severe pregnancy symptoms.