Choosing Proper Vitamin Intake for Children

Written by: Redaksi

Memahami Pentingnya Asupan Vitamin yang Tepat untuk Anak

Health is the number one consideration for Mommy to the children. Basically, the needs of vitamins will be fulfilled with the consumption of the breast milk. But mommy needs to know further when the baby no longer consumes breast milk. 

Mommy must be careful in choosing the vitamin intake suitable for children. In fact, Mommy is still unaware of this matter. 

The function of various vitamins for children is to meet the needs of the children’s growth and development. Here we will discuss about the type of vitamin, the main function of vitamin, and also when will supplementary vitamins and minerals be given to the children. 

Identifying the Type of Vitamins 

The first thing to know about vitamins for children is regarding the type of vitamins. By identifying the type of vitamins needed by the child, Mommy will be able to select the best source of vitamins for the child. There are at least two types of vitamin which are needed by the child.

The first is the fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A, D, E, and vitamin K. The second type is water-soluble vitamins, vitamin B complex namely vitamin B1, B3, vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin, etc. Vitamin C also includes in the type of water-soluble vitamins. Of course Mommy should understand that the vitamin intake either fat-soluble or water-soluble should be balanced.

The next thing to understand regarding the nutritional needs of the baby is the main function of vitamin for the body, especially for children. The most significant function of vitamin and mineral intake is to support metabolism and the immune system.

Especially if the child is still a baby, Mommy must provide sufficient vitamin intake to ensure the growth and development of the baby is not disturbed.

Vitamin is proven to inhibit the aging process. Vitamins are also required to prevent the growth of cancer cells and bone loss. Without sufficient vitamin, of course, the process of nutrition absorption will be impaired. 

Sources of Vitamins

The next thing Mommy needs to know about vitamin is the sources of the vitamins. There are a lot of sources of nutrition that Mommy may give to the child. 

Selection of the most appropriate sources of vitamins to be given to the child is that which comes from vegetables and fruits. Of course, each of vegetables and fruits has different vitamin composition for the nutritional needs of the baby. Mommy needs to learn in advance about it.

In addition to vitamins, the child also needs other nutrition, namely minerals. To obtain sufficient mineral intake, Mommy needs to consume salt, seafood, and milk. The best time to give complementary vitamin intake for the baby or complementary foods of breast milk is after the age of 6 months.