Complete Guide to Choosing a Birth Place

Written by: Redaksi

Panduan Lengkap untuk Memilih Tempat Bersalin

In addition to selecting an appropriate obstetrician or midwife for labor, Mommy must also determine the appropriate maternity hospital where Mommy will give birth later. Frequently, many women refer to the maternity hospital where her obstetrician has practice.

This is very good, because the hospital and the obstetrician have established a good cooperation. It would be another story is when the maternity hospital and the hospital where the obstetrician practice are different. This will be more difficult because every maternity hospital has obstetricians working there. 

So when Mommy wants to give birth in particular maternity hospitals, Mommy should also check the obstetricians in that hospital. It would be easier if Mommy has already selected the maternity hospital long before the time of delivery. 

It would be better for Mommy to give birth at specific maternity hospitals and has her obstetricians working in the same maternity hospital. Well, for those who are still confused  in selecting a maternity hospital, the following tips can be considered as a guide to choose the maternity hospital. 

Choosing Tips 

For Mommy who starts to think about choosing a particular maternity hospital, then the first thing that Mommy should consider is the distance between home and hospital. This is important, because if Mommy feels the contractions suddenly, Mommy can immediately reach the maternity hospital in a short time.

Mommy should also consider the cleanliness, completeness of maternity equipment, security, service excellence, reputation, and price of the hospital as a maternity hospital.

How do we know the reputation of the maternity hospital, the price, and so on? Mommy can find out via the internet, friends from pregnancy workouts, information through mass media, or come directly to see the condition of the hospital.

Mommy should really consider all the maternity hospital criteria in line with expectations before deciding where Mommy wants to have childbirth later. Mommy can also ask the hospital staff to see the treatment rooms, be sure postpartum treatment room is a room that is comfortable for Mommy. It is important for Mommy’s recovery process. 

Pro- Exclusive Breastfeeding 

One more thing that Mommy ensure in selecting the ideal maternity hospital is that the maternity hospital is pro- exclusive breastfeeding. In other words, the nurse will not give the formula to the baby without asking directly. However, breast milk is the best food for newborns and the ideal maternity hospital is the hospital which recommends Mommy to provide the exclusive breastfeeding for the baby.