Do These Sports to Keep the Ideal Body after Childbirth

Written by: Redaksi

Menjaga Tubuh Ideal dengan Olahraga Setelah Melahirkan

During pregnancy, Mommy should pay attention to pregnant women nutrition from food consumption.  In order to meet the needs of the fetus, pregnant women should certainly consume nutritious foods.  But It often increases Mommy’s weight. 

This will not only be detrimental to Mommy’s health if Mommy becomes obese during pregnancy, but Mommy will also get fatter after giving birth. So what to do if you want to keep the weight not too excessive during pregnancy and restore ideal weight after giving birth? The trick is to chose the right exercises during pregnancy.

Sports Selection When Pregnant

When talking about the most appropriate pregnant sports selection to do in pregnancy, there are many options of course. The first exercise option is walking. Maybe for some Mommies, walking is not the right exercise option during pregnancy.

In fact, this kind of exercise is highly recommended for Mommy to maintain the ideal body and also lose excess weight. In addition to the walking exercise that can effectively reduce weight, Mommy can also avoid injury because walking exercise can be said to be safe to do so.

The next benefit is that walking exercise can be done anywhere as well, regardless of the place. Mommy can also avoid the problem of joints in doing running activities as their sport option. Running can also be a way of improving blood circulation and makes the baby healthier anyway.

The next choice is aerobic exercise. Of course you have to select the type of gymnastics with a very minimal risk to pregnant mothers. There are many variations of aerobic exercise choice, one of them is yoga. To make it easier, pregnant women can also join in aerobics club in order to add friends and also to share experiences and information about the on-going pregnancy.

The next option exercise during pregnancy is stationary bike. This sports option is suitable for those who have a strenuous activity that is not permitted to spend time outside for exercise. By using a stationary bike, even pregnant women can exercise while watching television, reading books, and so forth.

Benefits of Water Sports

Sport option that is equally important for pregnant women is swimming. It is true that there are still many people who are still hesitant about the function of maintaining the pregnancy with swimming exercise. But what being discussed about here is certainly not excessive swimming, because pregnant women should be more careful with their condition.

The main benefits of swimming exercise are to reduce Mommy’s heavy burden because of pregnancy and at the same time can also improve the quality of the joints. Good luck!