Educating Children, Being Firm Doesn't Mean Being Hard

Written by: Redaksi

Mendidik Anak, Tegas Bukan Berarti Keras

A child is one of the best things in life. However, if the child is difficult to control or commonly called naughty, then parents will have headache. Actually, parents can solve this problem by using some methods of educating children properly, one of which is being assertive while educating the children. 

Being Assertive in Giving Commands

There are plenty of tips on dealing with naughty and rebellious children, the first is assertiveness. Being assertive here does not mean that Mommy needs to hit the child. It means that Mommy needs to be firm in some principles being taught to the children. 

Not only because the child cries or whines, then Mommy’s heart will melt and let the child do the things he wants. Mommy doesn’t need to talk loudly and scold the child for this thing, or even hit the child. 

However, with the soft voice and speech, Mommy can say that the decision or order is not going to be changed by the children seduction. This method is also necessary to educate the children to recognize the sense of responsibility and discipline since early age. 

In addition, the assertiveness is also needed to strengthen Mommy’s position as parents. Many parents who have naughty children assume that their children need to be loved excessively.

This will make the children think that they are in control and their desires should always be fulfilled. And, it eliminates a sense of responsibility, discipline and loving everything they've got.

The Concept of Consequences

Assertiveness is also needed while educating the children so that they understand about the concept of consequences by giving punishment. That is, if they do something, then they will get a reward or punishment in accordance with the things they do. This could be more effective than just telling the children what to do.

Mommy could give punishment in the form of punishment or hit, as long as not hurting the children, for example with a rolled-up newspaper or paper on the butt. This is to affirm and deliver shock therapy on the children, in order to remember the consequences that they can get because of doing bad things.

By using this method, whenever the children do bad things, they will remember the consequences. However, after giving the punishment, also explain why the children get the punishment and why the things they did are considered bad things. 

By always asking the children to consider their actions, Mommy will shape more critical mental attitude in the children, so when they grow up later, they can easily differentiate the good and the bad. These two methods are parts of so many parenting tips that Mommy could use.