Some Good Exercises to Prepare for Childbirth

Written by: Redaksi

Persiapan Persalinan berupa Olahraga Selama Hamil

Smooth and easy childbirth is what pregnant mothers really wanted. This could be realized if Mommy knows the things that have to be prepared before the birth. Mommy must do a lot of childbirth preparation with a variety of exercises so that deliveries will arrive smoothly. 

Here are some exercises Mommy can do to ease the childbirth process. 

Squat Exercise

The first exercise is the squat exercise. Position your hands forward. Ask your husband to support your hand. The function of this exercise is it can help to open the pelvis and vagina. In addition, the squat exercise can also flex the muscles.

Kegel Exercise

This exercise serves to train the pelvic muscles since the trained pelvic muscles will facilitate the course of the baby. Gymnastics is also able to reduce the risk of tearing of the perineum (the skin between the anus and vagina). So when the childbirth process takes place, the pain will be reduced. Mommy will not experience urination problem after doing this exercise prior to the childbirth. 

Kegel exercise can be done in a simple way. Mommy can do it while urinating. You do this by holding approximately 5 seconds of urine flow, then release. Hold down again and repeat as in the beginning. This exercise functions to train Mommy’s pelvic muscles. Having been familiar with this exercise, Mommy can do it again anytime. Increase the intensity of Kegel exercise after training for some period of time.

Spider Crawler Exercise

The next preparation of childbirth is pelvic exercises that resemble spiderman creeping. First of all, Mommy takes a position as crawling. Open the elbow slightly wide to make it more comfortable, then tighten and release Mommy’s anal muscles. When tightening, hold for a few seconds. To be more comfortable, use a mat or mattress pad.

This exercise has many benefits because it can relieve back pain, which usually occurs during the final trimester of pregnancy. This exercise can also strengthen the pelvic muscles and improve blood circulation, especially blood flow to the pelvic region. This is certainly useful for the straining process while delivering the baby. 

Breathing Exercise

The next exercise is breathing exercises. First, mommy can do breathing exercises with sleeping position. The method is, Mommy can lie in bed or sofa, relax the body and mind, then take the breath through the nose until the stomach expands. Do it slowly and then exhale slowly through your nose as well.

This exercise can increase oxygen supply. Increased oxygen supply is very good for the baby because the baby will get all the nutrients needed. During labor, Mommy can also save energy. This method can also be used to deal with contractions.

In order to make all the exercises give the ultimate benefits, a support from the husband is highly needed. With her husband support, Mommy can do this pregnancy tips with ease and childbirth is not an issue anymore.